Access Control

authentication and authorization

What Is Access Control?

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Our Access Control installation and Maintenance services allow for electronically controlled locks to be installed and administered remotely so you can always control the access to your business. We will work with you to discuss the access that your individual employees should have for specific areas in your facility and devise a solution that works within your budget.

How Does Access Control Work?

With an Access Control solution from F1, access to your office can be fully monitored, streamlined, and simplified, eliminating the need for physical keys to be provided to staff. Additionally, your employee onboarding and offboarding is streamlined with the ability to enable and disable access with the click of mouse.

Why Do You Need Access Control?

As a first level of physical defense for your office, your door locks can be fully utilized and improved with the use of an Access Control solution. Grant employees and staff access to designated areas without having to supply physical keys, thus saving time and energy, while ensuring proper security throughout your facility.

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