Account Takeover Protection

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What Is Account Takeover Protection?

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Account Takeover Protection is a service that takes a proactive approach against the possibility of your information being compromised. Using the latest information from the Dark Web (provided by Federal law enforcement), Take Over Protection will inform you if your email address and/or website domain is believed to be in possession of ill-doers.

How Does Account Takeover Protection Work?

Utilizing the database maintained by a third party, F1 offers Account Take Over Protection as an additional service for our subscribers. This ensures that even for the time period prior to being a subscriber, your email address or passwords were compromised by a known malicious party.

Why Do You Need Account Takeover Protection?

Through our experience, we have learned that knowing is half the battle. For that reason, we offer the ability for our eligible subscribers to pursue all reasonable means to ensure their information has not been compromised to ensure no additional concern or sleepless nights are necessary. If some cases, this service can also become a key component in conducting root cause analysis for the benefit of discovering our your personal information may have been compromised.

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