Active Directory

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What Is An Active Directory?

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Active Directory is a service that allows all users, file permissions, and Computer Access permissions to be managed in one place. Additionally, Active Directory can provide reporting related to the access of secure computer systems, providing a necessary component of meeting HIPAA compliance.

How Does Active Directory Work?

Utilizing a specialized server (either physically onsite or cloud-based) we recommend working with us to build a centralized, managed user directory for all the users within your business. A centralized directory allows proper permissions, policies, and passwords to be consistently created and assigned to the user accounts to ensure your entire user base is conforming to established requirements and ultimately in compliance of HIPAA and PCI regulations.

Why Do You Need An Active Directory?

All businesses can benefit from a centralized user/policy directory as it introduces and enforces consistency and compliancy throughout the business. Additionally it ensures a level of protection as it ensures proper permissions and password policies for all users throughout the business.

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