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What Is Our Business Review​?

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Depending on your Service Plan subscription level, we provide a recurring, prescheduled, organized, business review at your location. We will review many aspects of your business to ensure your growth prospects are being met. We will also take the opportunity to ensure your expectations of F1 iT are being met to ensure we continue providing the excellent service our Customers have come to expect.

How Does Our Business Review​ Work?

Although we specialize in Dental Practices and Health Care practices, we recognize that each business has its own set of goals and unique challenges. For Eligible subscribers, we will work to understand your needs, and goals and how we need to cater our services to help your business succeed and grow.

Why Do You Need Your Business Reviewed?

As your Technology Partner, we recognize that technology should always encourage your business to grow, never hinder your ability to do so. Depending on your subscription level, we will work to schedule one on one meetings to understand where your business is, where it is headed and how we can work together to ensure you and your business meet your goals.

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