Encrypted Business Email

Confidential and Secure Messaging

What Is Encrypted Business Email?

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Secure Email is more important now, than ever before. Our Secure Business Email is designed with the Healthcare industry in mind. It allows Healthcare providers to send and receive sensitive, confidential information with patients, that would otherwise be forbidden over normal email.

How Does Encrypted Business Email Work?

Our encrypted e-mail service allows you to send and receive emails, from a web interface to ensue that the content sent and received remains secure without the risk of the data or information being easily transmitted outside the platform.

Why Do You Need Encrypted Business Email?

E-Mail from it’s inception was not designed with security in mind. By Design, conventional email does not add a level of protection against information being compromised and ultimately falling into the hands of an unintended audience. Additionally, Our Encrypted Email service incorporates a secure form functionality, allowing small businesses to securely send forms, including those requiring digital signatures to the desired recipients.

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