Evasive Scripting Shield

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What Is An Evasive Scripting Shield?

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Our Evasive Scripting Shield takes our Anti-Virus protection to the next level. The Scripting Shield works with the Anti-Virus to proactively monitor for the scripts that could inadvertently be downloaded onto your computer, even without you knowing. The Evasive Scripting Shield will stop the script from running to prevent any potential malicious software from downloading.

How Does An Evasive Scripting Shield Work?

Our Evasive Scripting Shield works by silently and covertly monitoring your computers for unwanted installation scripts and suspicious behaviors.

Why Do You Need An Evasive Scripting Shield?

Although Anti-Virus is very effective for protecting against installed software that may cause unwanted programs on your computers, Our Evasive Scripting Shield stops the malicious programs from installing, even before the programs have had the opportunity to install themselves and potentially spread to other computers within your network.

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