Cloud-Based VoIP

What Is GoToConnect?

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GoToConnect (powered by Jive) is a full-featured Voice over IP telephony service. As a Cloud-based service, no on-premise server infrastructure is required for GoToConnect’s telephony and other communication and collaboration tools.

How Does GoToConnect Work?

F1 has partnered with a few Telephony providers to ensure we can provide the appropriate solution for your business, regardless of your specific business requirements. GoToConnect is a VOIP and messaging solution with fully customizable virtual PBX features to ensure your customers receive the same level of communication that they have learned to expect from your business, and much more.

Why Do You Need GoToConnect?

As our businesses grow, our telephony requirements also grow. Ranging from adding additional extensions, adding the ability for remotely managing your voicemail, call trees, call routing, and everything in between, GoToConnect is a full fledged phone system designed to grow with your business.

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