Live Service Desk

Highly Trained Professional Support

What Is A Live Service Desk?

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Our Live Service Desk is comprised of our highly trained and professional support staff that is available to answer any questions or requests should you need to call us during business hours. Additionally, we will provide you with a small program for each computer that allows you to quickly and easily submit support requests. We also offer a dedicated email address that allows you to create support cases within our Proactively Monitored, Service Support System.

How Does Our Live Service Desk Work?

Our live service desk manages all support conversations in one place. We offer solutions for live chat, ticketing and automation that enables us to monitor and help you when you need it.

Why Do You Need A Live Service Desk?

All businesses large and small should have a live service desk to improve the customer experience. A live service desk makes it easier to align IT and business practices, saves time, saves money, increases efficiency, enhances operations, and overall makes your organization run smoother.   

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