Managed Antivirus

Analyzing & managing Threats

What Is Managed Antivirus?

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The backbone of our Cyber Security Suite. Our managed Anti-virus protects your computers against the most significant, malicious computer threats that exist in the world. Our Anti-Virus proactively scans and monitors your computers to prevent potential threats.

How Does Managed Antivirus Work?

Once you are subscribed, our customer onboarding team with start by loading the latest version of our centrally managed antivirus to ensure you are protected against malicious threats, within minutes of beginning the onboarding process.

Why Do You Need Managed Antivirus?

We understand that all technology can be vulnerable to malicious and otherwise unwanted compromises to your computers. Our antivirus is centrally managed by our experienced team to ensure that the latest updates (Virus Definitions) are being monitored for.

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