Mobile Device Management

Secure Connectivity For All Your Devices

What Is Mobile Device Management?

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Are your mobile devices plagued by constant failures or connectivity issues? Our Mobile Device Management helps to reduce, and many cases eliminate those types of issues by ensuring the user experience consistent across your devices. This improves productivity with your devices and helps ensure they remain secure.

How Does Mobile Device Management Work?

Our Mobile Device Management allows us to install a very small program (agent) on all of your computers. This Agent will proactively take an inventory of your computers within your office. This allows us visibility to identify the technology layout of your business and the specifications of your computers.

Why Do You Need Mobile Device Management?

By allowing F1 to proactively monitor your computer systems, we can perform many tasks including monitoring for available updates/patching. Additionally, we can monitor to ensure your computers remain compatible with the unique hardware/software requirements within your business. This helps to ensure we stay ahead of the evolving requirements and guidelines outlined for HIPAA and PCI compliancy purposes.

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