Paperless Web Forms

Securely Convert Sensitive Forms Digitally

What Are Paperless Web Forms?

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Paperless Web Forms allow you to convert your old paper forms into a digital solution that can be sent via secure email. With the proper subscription plan, your patients can even digitally sign your forms, allowing for a completely paperless solution.

How Do Paperless Web Forms Work?

As F1 iT is a firm specialized in the support of Dental and other small Health Care providers, we work with solution providers to provide solutions catered to those environments. Depending on the specific solution appropriate for your office, we will recommend the correct solution for managing the migration from paper forms to a full paperless solutions. Work with us to remove those bulky, unsightly file cabinets from your office, and simultaneously increase productivity with your staff and customers.

Why Do You Need Paperless Web Forms?

There are many benefits, some unique to your specific environment. Ask us for a consultation and recommendations on how you can reduce clutter, streamline your business process utilizing paperless forms, digital forms and signatures, iPad integrations, and more.

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