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PCI/HIPAA Solutions

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As experienced experts in our specialized field, we work hard to ensure all of our service offerings are meeting and exceeding the requirements. We are familiar with the process of becoming PCI and HIPAA so we not only install compliant solutions within your business, we agree to meet the necessary guidelines within our own organization to ensure the entire chain of technical solutions exceed the requirements necessary for PCI and HIPAA compliance.

How Does PCI/HIPAA Work?

F1 iT partners with a few well known partners specialized in maintaining HIPAA compliancy. F1 iT will work with our partners as part of this program for eligible subscribers, if you are unsure of the latest requirements and regulations associated with HIPAA and PCI Compliancy.

Why Do You Need PCI/HIPAA?

As Patient and Customer information is of the utmost importance, ensuring your business is following proper protocols and procedures to ensure all data remains protected and your business continues to take all best effort approaches for maintaining compliancy. Additionally, F1 iT works with a partner to offer Liability insurance for eligible businesses.

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