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Every Practice Is Unique

Customized Solutions

We have a practice of recurring strategic business reviews with our valuable customers. Recognizing that every practice is different, its important to consistently audit the practice’s operations and technology, identify gaps and develop a plan to continuously move forward according to the practice’s goals and budget.

What makes F1 iT Unique?

We are a managed service provider focused on helping dental practices succeed. We’ve developed processes to evaluate, design, implement, maintain and innovate technology solutions for our valued clients. The same processes keep those clients on the leading edge of dentistry. We know the industry, understand the equipment, and are masterful at implementation. 

Our staff is empowered to develop themselves and be sympathetic to our clients’ needs. Company integrity relies heavily on our shared core values of leadership, pride, consistency, adaptability, and appreciation. By making technology invisible, F1 aids practices by allowing doctors and their staff to focus on their patients and growth.


Our objective is to provide you with a deep-level audit of the operations & technology in your practice. 


Based on goals and budget, we design solutions that bring value to your staff and patients.


We execute a strategy that maintains minimum downtime in the practice schedule.


Proactive support and security to minimize or eliminate the unexpected.


Continuously research and test the newest technology and procedures to keep our practices growing.

We strive to make our clients happy

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