Reputation Management

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What Is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is the practice of helping companies and individuals build and secure their identities and presence online. What happens when someone Googles you or your company? Do you control all of the listings found on the first page of results? How about the second page? Bottom line, is Google helping you or hurting you? Letting Google control everything is no longer an option. Successful online reputation management and SEO can help combat negative results, images, fake news, bad reviews and more. Before anyone does business with you, they will Google you. And your competition. That’s why you need to control your search engine results as much as you can.

Why is Reputation Management Useful?

An effective reputation management strategy will accomplish the following:, Create more fair and balanced search results for you and your company, Increase engagement with your target audience, Increase sales and marketing leads for your organization, Maximize the amount of search engine results displayed for your personal or company website presence, Make sure your Knowledge Panel is properly setup (Google My Business), Appear positively in local map results, Appear positively in image and video results, Optimize your social media presence, Help you win business over your competition, Demote any negative search results or negative reviews that might be hurting you or your business.

Why is Reputation Management Important?

Companies, Executives and individuals are not always represented FAIRLY or ACCURATLEY in online media (Google). Google and other online media have their own agendas as to how to display and report search results, news and reviews.

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