Search Engine Optimization

Making Your Site Popular With Search Engines

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or “search engine optimization” is the practice of building your website with relevant keywords or “key” “words” that declare you an “authority” and help the search engines find your business organically or naturally. Good SEO practices includes securing hyperlinks from other websites that declare you “popular”. F1IT’s team’s expertise in SEO dates back to around the same time that Google started dominating the industry.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Any SEO description must also include the relevance of a content strategy. The fact is that a search engine can only read words and code coming from a website. If you have two websites that each have five pages of solid relevant content, the Google algorithm is going to look at other factors such as URL, site structure, speed of website, code, traffic, platform, domain history and more. But comparing two websites where one site has five pages and the other has 100, the 100 page website will win the race.

Why Do You Need Constant SEO Updates?

When a website does indeed reach the top of the search engines for one specific keyword or phrase, that doesn’t mean that search engine optimization stops. As we all know in life and in business, when you are standing at the top of the mountain or podium, that just means that your competition will work hard to replace you. This is why SEO is a continuous daily, weekly, monthly and annual practice. You not only have to keep your eye on the prize that you just won, you have to keep it from falling into someone else’s hands. Any day the Google algorithm can change and you can fall from grace. Websites, keywords, analytics and rankings must be monitored daily in order to make sure you are adhering to the latest guidelines as declared by the all-mighty Google.

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