Two-Factor Authentication

Doubly Ensured Security

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

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In this day and age of adaptive, complex threats, our authentication for our computers must be even more complex to prevent unintended, malicious access. We can help you convert all your digital solutions to 2 Factor Authentication to ensure you are using the latest in security measures and thus meeting the requirements for PCI and HIPAA compliance.

How Does Two-Factor Authentication Work?

Most websites, and other web based resources require you to setup an additional level of protection in order to gain access. Our Two-Factor solution can take this method to another level for eligible subscribers as F1 iT can assist with the integration with our cloud based user directory solution to ensure your users validate their identity prior to logging into the computers within your business.

Why Do You Need Two-Factor Authentication?

As your technology partner, we need to make sure your business resources are secure. At the root of any security solution is authentication compliancy to ensure only authorized personnel can access your business’ computers.

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