The time seems to have flown by. We’ve experienced the building and growth of so many successful dental practices, witnessing major changes in the industry. And, with deep appreciation for our roots, it would be remiss not to mention the key people who have gotten us here.

F1 iT has always been inspired by the empowering nature of technology. From key foundational management to our newest team members, our staff has grown with the same values and mission in mind. We would not be where we are today without the dedication, care and leadership of our hard-working staff.

Of course, our clients are very special to us. We set out to build relationships, adding a personal touch to everything we do. It brings us so much joy to join in the success and growth of our customers’ businesses.Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

Our strategic partners keep us on our toes every day. We are driven to continuously learn better ways to serve our customers. Key technology partners continue to develop new ways to help our dental practices to become more efficient, making us look really good. Referral partners further incentivize us to continue providing an amazing customer experience. The growth we’ve realized from these relationships has been unimaginable. 

Our Philosophy

Although our philosophy has developed over the years, our commitment has never been stronger. F1 iT has always been enthusiastic about finding ways to help our customers. Hence, our name and logo- the function key for “help” on any application, F1. We feel that when technology is working properly, it’s easy to see that it’s the backbone of operations, not a hindrance or cost to be managed.

We are driven to find new ways to deliver on that promise, innovating new tools and technology that will help our customers deliver an amazing experience their patients love.

Strategies Going Forward

Recently, we’ve set out to really put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. What are their concerns? What are their hurdles, consistent struggles?

Beyond the consistent response of “we just want it to work” (we’ve got that covered), we found an enormous gap where practices understood regulatory compliance. Specifically, from authorities like HIPAA, PCI, and OSHA. 

Generally speaking, compliance has three main components- people, policy and technology. While technology was always our specialization, we’re putting forth more initiatives to get dental practices to adopt best practices for security in regards to compliance. Also, we’re excited to release a new platform where our customers can keep track of compliance in the other two areas, people and policy. It is important to track and document the training for staff members in all roles. How can you expect your employees to be compliant if they were never shown how? Also, the same platform provides the ability to centralize the documentation of custom policies for the practice. This can include permits, certificates, equipment maintenance, safety data sheets, incident reports and actionable items. Essentially, the platform will be a one-stop verification source to demonstrate compliance.

Secondly, we’re constantly part of the business development process for our customers. Ultimately, the success of their practices rely on the consistent flow of happy patients. Our digital marketing process is geared towards generating new patients. We’ll build and maintain their website, manage their brand presence through Google and other authoritative directories, curate their content with SEO (search engine optimization), increase engagement on social media, manage paid advertising campaigns, and more.


We will be continuing to provide a reliable source of technology installation, service and maintenance, with a focus on being proactive, rather than reactive. It’s much easier and cost effective to continuously prevent threats and downtime than it is to clean up after a disaster. Our technology solutions and services are developed with HIPAA and PCI compliance in mind. F1 iT will be a major resource in our customers’ growth by finding new methods of practice efficiency and patient generation. 

Looking back, it’s amazing to see how much more we have to offer through the years of experience. Although, we’ll continue to start each day with new eyes. Here’s to the next 10 years!