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Learn about our dedicated IT team safeguarding your patient’s data and maintaining your dental practice’s uptime.

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Dental IT Services Leader

At F1 iT, we’re passionate about empowering forward-thinking dentists to achieve their technological dreams. We’re a dental-focused IT company built on the core principle of reliable, standardized managed dental IT services.

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Here's What Sets Us Apart

Your Success is Our Success:
We believe in fostering deep, long-term relationships with our clients. Your thriving dental practice is our top priority, and we take a personalized approach to ensure your technology fuels your success.

Expert Delegation:
Let go of the burden of IT management. Our team of experts will handle your technology decisions, freeing you to focus on what matters most – your patients.

Customized Solutions, Standardized Service:
We understand that every practice is unique. That's why we design custom IT solutions that seamlessly integrate with your specific budget and strategic goals, all delivered with the reliability of standardized services. F1 iT: Your trusted partner in propelling your dental practice to the forefront of technology.

Our Vision: To Create & Promote Better Dental Practices

At F1 iT, we believe "better" dentistry goes beyond innovative techniques and stellar patient care. We envision a future where technology empowers dentists, not burdens them. We understand the dedication you pour into continuous learning and patient well-being. Running a successful practice, however, shouldn't require wrestling with complex IT issues.

Here's how we envision achieving a better dental future:

• Freeing Up Your Time: Let us become your trusted technology partner. Delegate IT management concerns to our team of experts. This frees your precious time to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional patient care.

• Expert Guidance and Support: From navigating the ever-evolving technology landscape to crafting a secure IT infrastructure, our team offers comprehensive support. We ensure your practice thrives in the digital age.

• Data Security Made Simple: Data security is paramount, especially with HIPAA regulations. We take a proactive approach, safeguarding your sensitive patient information so you can focus on delivering high-quality dentistry with peace of mind.

• Technology as an Investment, Not an Expense: We believe technology is an investment in your practice's future, not just a cost. We design customized, budget-conscious solutions that empower your practice to operate more efficiently and deliver exceptional care.

• Promoting Tech-Savvy Practices: We champion practices that embrace technology's power. We want to showcase how IT can not only streamline operations but also enhance patient experiences. Partnering with these forward-thinking practices inspires a domino effect, driving the entire dental industry towards a brighter, tech-enabled future.

By empowering dentists with reliable technology and expert support, we create a win-win situation for everyone. Dentists regain valuable time and focus, practices flourish with efficient operations, and ultimately, patients receive the best possible care. Together, let's build a future where exceptional dental care goes hand-in-hand with cutting-edge technology.

Our Mission: Inspired by the power of technology, we help dental practices create amazing patient experiences using our knowledge, experience and advanced tools.

At F1 iT, we're driven by a deep belief in technology's potential to transform lives. We find immense purpose in crafting solutions that empower dental professionals and ultimately, enhance patient care.

Here's what fuels our mission:

• Over 20 Years of Experience: For over two decades, we've honed our expertise in dental IT. This translates into a deep understanding of your practice needs and a seasoned approach to tackling technological challenges.

• Passionate About Continuous Learning: The technology landscape is constantly evolving. Our team embraces continuous learning, staying at the forefront of advancements to ensure your practice benefits from the latest and most effective tools.

• Democratizing Advanced Solutions: Enterprise-grade technology shouldn't be a privilege reserved for large practices. We bridge the gap by packaging these powerful tools into accessible, cost-effective solutions for dental practices of all sizes.

• Unparalleled Value: Imagine the expertise of a seasoned IT team, coupled with advanced technology – for less than the cost of a single, minimally trained intern. That's the value proposition we bring to the table.

Our mission is more than just providing IT support; it's about empowering you to create amazing patient experiences.

• Imagine streamlining appointments and communication, allowing patients to schedule and manage care effortlessly.

• Think about leveraging advanced tools for diagnostics and treatment, leading to improved patient outcomes.

• Envision fostering a comfortable and engaging environment through technology, enhancing patient satisfaction.

By partnering with F1 iT, you gain access to the expertise, experience, and advanced tools you need to create a truly remarkable patient experience. Let's harness the power of technology together, to revolutionize dental care for the better.

Value Driven

Customers before profits. Always do what’s right for the customer, even if it costs a sale.


Be proactive. Invest effort and skill now, to prevent downtime and disappointment later.


Trust the process. Our tested approach delivers consistent, predictable results.

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William Kohl
Will's Story: From Tinkering to Transforming Dental Care

Meet Founder & CEO, William Kohl

A Spark of Curiosity Ignites a Lifelong Passion

Here at F1 iT, our story begins not with lines of code, but with a screwdriver and a healthy dose of curiosity. William Kohl, our founder, possessed an insatiable desire to understand how things worked. From dismantling the family radio to woodworking projects, William’s youthful explorations fueled a passion for technology that would one day revolutionize dental care.

From Hobbyist to Hero: A Chance Encounter Changes Everything

Even before his first trip to the orthodontist, William had built several computers. Little did he know, this hobby would lead to a pivotal moment. During his appointment, the dentist, in a moment of exasperation, jokingly inquired if William knew anything about computers. His answer? A confident “yes!” What followed was an unexpected challenge – a malfunctioning panoramic x-ray machine that had stumped the dentist’s IT team for weeks. William, however, rose to the occasion, successfully diagnosing and fixing the network issue. This act of ingenuity not only earned him the dentist’s gratitude but also an invitation to join the practice as their in-house IT director.

A Seed is Planted: Building a Better Dental Experience

William’s success with the x-ray machine sparked a realization – technology could significantly improve the efficiency and patient experience in dental practices. He went on to upgrade the entire IT infrastructure, stabilizing workflows and laying the groundwork for a more streamlined operation. Word quickly spread, and William found himself introduced to other dentists eager to leverage his expertise.

From Solo Act to Trusted Partner: F1 iT Takes Off

While attending SUNY Stony Brook for Computer Engineering, juggling his newfound responsibilities as an in-demand IT consultant proved challenging. Thankfully, William’s talent caught the eye of another IT company who offered him a project manager position. For six years, William honed his skills, but the desire to directly impact patient care and escape corporate limitations grew stronger.

In 2012, F1 iT was born.

Driven by the Japanese concept of Kaizen (continuous improvement), William set out to create a dental-focused IT company that prioritized exceptional service and cutting-edge solutions. Since then, the F1 iT team has grown substantially, fueled by the same spirit of curiosity and a relentless pursuit of “better.” We believe that every day is an opportunity to learn, adapt, and empower dental practices with the tools they need to thrive.

F1 iT: Where Technology Meets Passionate Care

William’s story embodies the core values of F1 iT. We are passionate about technology, but our true purpose lies in its ability to transform dental care. By partnering with us, you gain access to a team fueled by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a genuine desire to see your practice flourish.

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The Faces Behind Your Success

Meet some of our wonderful team of friendly professionals who will be behind you every step of the way on your dental practice’s journey to success.

William Kohl
William Kohl
Founder & CEO
Jeremy Mapa
Senior Account Executive
Donovan odowd_22-11-28_0468
Donovan O'Dowd
Project Manager

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