Installation & Service

Our onsite team builds, develops, and services the computer and network infrastructure for dental practices.

Getting Hands On

Our Team Does It All

Keeping your technology running smoothly is essential for a successful dental practice. F1 iT specializes in comprehensive IT installation and service solutions tailored to the unique needs of dental professionals.

Software & Hardware Selection

We consider your practice management software and digital imaging needs. Don't have anything in mind? We'll provide a customized list with pros and cons based on your workflow and goals.

Visual Planning

We'll translate your vision into a clear plan, ensuring efficient technology integration.

Detailed Proposal

A comprehensive breakdown of all equipment and services, ensuring transparency and clear expectations.

Getting Wired

Installation & Configuration

We’ll run all the necessary cabling, install all the hardware, and configure it all to work on your network.


Our experienced technicians will flawlessly run all necessary network cabling for optimal performance.

Hardware Installation

Seamless installation of all your hardware, from dental-specific equipment to peripherals.

Network Integration

Expert configuration to ensure all devices work together seamlessly on your network.

Well Beyond The Basics

F1 iT goes beyond typical dental IT needs. We install and integrate a wide range of additional technology solutions:

Cabling & Termination

High-quality cables along with expert termination for a solid network, that's neat and easy to service.


Reliable communication systems for clear and efficient practice operations.

Printers & Scanners

High-quality document management solutions to streamline workflows and enable paperless offices.

Patient Entertainment

Keep patients relaxed with engaging entertainment options for less perceived wait time.

Digital Signage & Audio

Inform and entertain patients in the waiting area with digital signage and in-office audio.

Custom Gaming Systems

Customer, secure and stationary gaming systems for your waiting room to entertain children.

Security Systems

Maintain a safe working environment with surveillance, intrusion detection, and security system installation.

Merchant Services

Seamless integration of merchant services for easy payment processing.

Patient Communication

Facilitate efficient patient communication with online scheduling and other services.

Troubleshooting & Service

Dedicated Ongoing Service

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end at installation. F1 iT’s provides ongoing service to keep your technology running smoothly.

Dedicated Onsite Service

Our dedicated team is readily available to address any technical issues that may arise.

Fast Response Times

Minimize downtime with our prompt response to your service requests.

Dental Industry Expertise

Our extensive experience with dental technology ensures efficient problem-solving.

Find Out How We Can Help Your Dental Practice

Enhance your practice’s technology with our skilled dental specialized IT team’s assistance. Click below for more information and take the first step towards modernization.